Our Ethos

The Vyne Community School is committed to ensuring a happy and successful place of learning.  We provide a culture of excellence, opportunity, diversity and acceptance to allow all learners to thrive.

Our Vision is:
To create a fun, innovative and caring environment where every individual is respected and has the highest of aspirations, makes decisions and takes actions because they are right and not because they are easy, and possesses motivation which is intrinsic, not motivated by expediency.
For students to enjoy equality of access to a rich and varied curriculum, to be challenged to become independent and confident thinkers with well-developed skills and a growth mindset and to have aspirations for a successful future
For staff and governors to develop their skills in a climate which considers teaching and effective support to be an ‘art form’, where staff successes are celebrated and where we are comfortable with risk-taking without fear of failure or recrimination, to improve the learning and enjoyment of our young people
For parents and members of the community to genuinely feel valued and listened to, to be able to share concerns and praise without prejudice and to work with us to make those decisions which are in the best interests of the child and the community