Exam Results Day and Appeals Process

Exam Results Day Thursday 12th August 2021

Students are requested to collect their results between 9.30am and 11.00am, in order to keep everyone safe and socially distanced: timings are as follows:

Students with surnames beginning with A-H between 9:30am - 10:00am
Students with surnames beginning with I-P between 10:00am - 10:30am
Students with surnames beginning with R-Z between 10:30am -11:00am

Results cannot be given out to any person other than the student on the day, unless prior written agreement has been made with the school. Any results not collected at this time will be posted home.

Please note due to the current Covid 19 regulations we would ask that students only bring one family member with them to collect their results. There will be a queuing system in place and you will be expected to follow the social distancing regulations whilst receiving your results.

We are disappointed to have to put such measures in place but on receiving your exam results we will ask that you leave school site promptly to ensure staff/student safety and any queries will be dealt with via email/telephone. We will set up tables for collection of results near the main hall if the weather is nice and will be inside the main hall if it is wet.

The Vyne Community School Vyne Appeals Process

The process for Centre Assessed Grades is attached below in our approved Exam Centre Policy; The Vyne Centre for Determining Grades Summer 2021

There is also available Guidance from JCQ for Students and Parents available here: Guidance for students, parents and guardians:
GCSEs and AS/A Levels in England Summer 2021

As detailed in the JCQ Guidance on the determination of grades for A/AS Levels and GCSEs for Summer 2021, the need for centre reviews and awarding organisation appeals should be reduced if a centre shares the following information with students:

a. the sources of evidence that will be used to determine their grade along with (and where deemed appropriate by the centre) any grades/marks associated with them. This transparency will allow students to identify any errors or highlight circumstances relating to pieces of evidence and should reduce the number of instances where students request a centre review or awarding organisation appeal once results have been issued

b. the centre policy and any supporting documentation

c. details of any variations in evidence used based on disruption to what a student was taught

d. details of any special circumstances that have been considered in determining their grade, e.g. access arrangements/reasonable adjustments or mitigating circumstances such as illness.

In response to this guidance the sources of evidence used by each department was shared with students in google classroom. We include the approved Exam Centre Policy in this document, variations used based on disruption to what a student was taught was accounted for in the planning for determining the sources of evidence to be used and therefore was shared in google classroom. Students were aware of any concessions/ reasonable adjustments offered and teachers were clear and proactive in ensuring that students made good use of any extra time, readers, laptops or scribes. Students that were absent were given the opportunity to sit any assessments.

The appeals process for summer 2021 allows students to appeal their grade where they believe there has been an error. They must first ask their centre to review whether an administrative or procedural error has been made. The JCQ student guidance for appeals will be found at Summer 2021 arrangements ahead of results day.

Who can request a review and when?
Any student, including a Private Candidate, may submit a request for a centre review on the grounds that the centre has:
• failed to follow its procedures properly or consistently in arriving at that result or
• made an administrative error in relation to the result.
Requests for appeals on the grounds of academic judgement (unreasonableness) will only be considered by awarding organisations (at Stage Two) and not by centres. In these cases, an initial centre review must still be completed to ensure that the centre has not made any procedural or administrative errors. The centre should not review its academic judgements during the centre review stage.

All requests for a centre review, including those from Private Candidates, must be made directly to the centre which submitted the grade(s). It is recommended that requests for centre reviews are made by the candidate to the centre by 3 September 2021. This will enable centres to meet the deadlines to submit appeals to awarding organisations.

To submit an appeal the JCQ Student Grade Appeal Request Form (attached below along with guidance on appeal requests) needs to be completed and submitted to the following email address: s.cooper@vyne.hants.sch.uk

A student may submit a request for a review but subsequently decide they wish to withdraw it. They should be allowed to do so as long as no finding has been made. A centre review application cannot be withdrawn once a finding has been made.

A centre review must be completed and an outcome reported to the student before an appeal can be submitted to the awarding organisation. Any appeals submitted where this has not happened, will be rejected by the awarding organisation and a new application will need to be submitted once the centre review has been completed.

In cases where the centre considers that there has been a procedural failure or administrative error, the centre needs to decide whether this affected the grade submitted to the awarding organisation. The resulting outcome may be that the grade is raised, stays the same or is lowered, depending on the impact of the error or failure.

It is possible for a procedural failure or an administrative error to be identified but for this not to have had any impact on the grade awarded. In this case the outcome of the review would be that the grade stays the same
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