Mentoring Partners
The Girls Network mentoring– to target 15 Year 11 girls
This is the first time we have been involved in this mentoring programme, it is being funded by Level 3 (Tele-communications network company based in Chineham) and is focussed on allowing disadvantaged and under achieving girls in year 11 to see and reach their full potential. It matches professional female mentors from Level 3 to our handpicked students. The mentors and their mentees then meet outside of school time, usually once a week for the whole academic year. With a focus on finding common ground, career aspirations and pathways, college choices and applications as well as personal guidance if needed. This support is aimed to continue through-out post 16 and beyond.
AWE mentoring – to target 14 Year 10 students
The Vyne and AWE (Supporting national nuclear security and a centre of scientific and technological excellence based in Tadley) have been part of a mentoring programme for 5 years. It targets year 10 students primarily to support students who would like and need additional support with Science and or Maths. This year the half an hour sessions take place once per fortnight during the students PE lessons and involved subject specific sessions as well as personal guidance.
XL Mentoring – to target 2 or 3 Year 8 students
This is the second time XL Mentoring has been used within The Vyne. The mentoring programme is family orientated and aims to provide an additional person to guide and support the chosen students in areas identified through developing confidence and aspirations. There is an initial meeting of the mentor, mentee and family at a pre-arranged induction meeting where the co-ordinator introduces the process to the student and their family before the weekly mentor sessions begin.