Friday 5th April 2019

Good Afternoon,

As we break up for the Easter holiday I have taken a moment to reflect on my first full term as the Headteacher at The Vyne. It has certainly been a busy packed three months and I feel I have had the opportunity to develop a good understanding of this wonderful school. I appreciate the warm welcome I have been given by the students and their parents, the staff and the governors which demonstrates clearly the high esteem this school is held in by our community. There are some challenges to overcome to ensure every student receives the outcomes and school experience which we strive to deliver, but I am confident with such a committed team we will rapidly build on the school's strengths to be an exceptional school.

Enthusiastic readers in Year 8 have started judging the shortlist for this year's Hampshire Book Award. They will be analysing, discussing, and ultimately voting for their favourite. The books this year are pretty challenging and include a gothic style horror, a sci-fi odyssey and a fact-based account of refugee experiences. Well done to the 21 students, and 4 staff, who have volunteered to participate, giving up large amounts of their own time. It is fantastic to see our students pushing themselves and showing determination to take on new challenges.

On a sunny Wednesday morning, I accompanied a small group of Year 9 students to the War Memorial Peace Garden with the aim of gaining inspiration for our own school Peace Garden project.  We were met by Pip Iles, a sprightly 80 year old Army veteran who explained how the garden project came about.  He gave information on funding, community involvement, resources and ongoing maintenance, all essential elements of a successful project.  What a lovely peaceful area it has turned out to be and a great addition to the park. The students particularly liked the ideas of positive message plaques, a focal point, and seating areas.

They came away full of ideas to relay back to the rest of year 9s who will now continue to develop the project during their fortnightly Citizenship lessons in conjunction with our business partner, Fujitsu. We would like this project to involve students, staff and parents – so if there any gardeners, builders, fencers, helpers willing to spare some time over the coming months  – watch this space, further details to follow! Thank you to                     Mrs Cunio, Mr Hardman and Mrs Edwards for organising the visit and to Mr Ross, from Fujitsu for joining us.

The Student Council have been busy considering how they can help the school become “greener”.  Their first plan is to encourage students to recycle their plastic bottles and they are putting together a plan of action to hopefully have in place early next term.  I was pleased to be able to join the meeting and give feedback on changes that have been implemented and changes which will be appearing next term.  The Council have got lots of exciting ideas and they have action points to be working on for the next meeting.

Anti-Bullying - I thought it would be worth drawing your attention to the on-line reporting system (Report the Bully). Students are able to report incidents to school, anonymously if they wish,via ‘Report the Bully’ found on The Vyne website homepage. The report is seen by a member of the Family Support Team who will then work to resolve the issue. Students are made aware of this method of reporting bullying when they join the school and are encouraged to tell staff. If we don't know about something we cannot work to resolve it.

As the term drew to an end we said goodbye and wished good luck to Miss Floyd, Mrs Croucher and Mrs Saunders, I would like to thank them for their service to the school over the years.

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter.

Mrs Pearce, Headteacher

Sports Results

Please open the link below to view the timetable for after-school clubs in the Summer term.

PE After-School Clubs (Summer Term)

Year Group Assemblies and News

Year 7 Mr Duffy

Parents’ Evening on Thursday 9th May

Parents will have received an invitation today to attend the Year 7 Parents’ Evening and a guide as to how to use the new on-line appointments system.  Please make appointments by visiting The Vyne parents evening system

Year 8 Mr Crees

Year 8 had their celebration assemblies this week where 2 members of each tutor group were awarded for their hard work and determination this term. We are incredibly proud of them all. In addition, we celebrated the real heroes of the year group as tutors received their rewards for hard work.

Reminder - Parents’ Evening on Thursday 25th April

If you have not done so already, please book your appointments by visiting The Vyne parents evening system

Year 9 Miss Buckland

Year 9s had an assembly this week focusing on creating your own success, we watched a video looking at Stephen Curry's self-made success as a basketball player. I look forward to seeing everyone back after Easter for the final term of Year 9, hopefully with some more sunshine.

Year 10 Mr Coomber

Work experience is fast approaching and students will be given their formal work experience paperwork a couple of weeks before the May half term. Once received, students will be expected to make contact with employers to arrange their interviews where all the details of the placement can be finalised.

Year 11 Mr Morey

The Year 11 Quiz was a great success and to the delight of the staff the student teams were unable to beat them!  ‘Led by Harry’ was the winning team, with the Year 11 students Chloe and Craig coming in a well deserved 2nd place.  Thanks to everyone who participated.

Year 11 Top Tip for GCSE success - from Mrs Gibson

Balance - students will be bringing home their PPE results on Friday which will also highlight areas where they can make improvements. Please use this information to help them achieve the most from their Easter revision. Please encourage your child to attend any of the revision sessions available over the holidays, but also make sure they get some rest and exercise too. It is important to make sure they have time to recover from what has been a very full term, ready for their biggest and final challenge.

Good luck Year 11, we have every faith in you!

Please see links below with information about the examination period and Easter revision sessions:

Year 11 Examinations Letter

Year 11 Examination Timetable

Year 11 Easter Revision Sessions

 Upcoming events

Friday 5th April

Last day of Term

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Friday 5th April to

Saturday 13th April

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Ski Trip to Zell am See

Tuesday 23rd April

Start of the Summer Term

Wednesday 24th April

Winchester University visit  (small group of Year 8 students)

Thursday 25th April

4.00pm to 7.00pm

Year 8 Parents’ Evening

Planned Educational Visits for 2018-19


“Superstars” event @ QMC (small group of students from Years 7 to 9)

Careers visits to Phillips Solicitors and Basingstoke ITEC (small group of Year 10 students)

Research Matters workshop @ The British Library in London (small group of Year 10 students)


German Exchange Students visit to Basingstoke


Year 7 Romeo and Juliet theatre trip @ Blenheim Palace

Post 16 Information


Open Evening

Discover our experienced staff, industry-standard facilities and wide range of courses!”

Apprenticeship Recruitment Fair

Interested in an apprenticeship? Meet a number of different companies looking for apprentices at one of the biggest Apprenticeship events in the South of England!”

Monday 13th May 4.30pm to 7.00pm

Monday 17th June 4.30pm to 7.00pm


Open Evening

“From questions about the best subject combinations to take to pursue your goals, to presentations from QMC students to give you the lowdown on College life, all aspects of QMC will be open to you on these evenings.”

Thursday 25th April 5.30pm to 8.30pm