Friday 22nd November 2019

Good Afternoon,

We have had a very rich week.  On Monday we welcomed opera to The Vyne as twenty Year 9 and Year 10 students started their auditions for "Monster in the Maze". This is a Basingstoke wide project that will culminate in a performance at The Grange in Alresford in July.  Watch this space!

There was also a full student council agenda, a very well attended Year 10 parents evening and some successful sports fixtures!

We have also been involving the students in the next steps in our anti bullying work and asking them for feedback on the definition of bullying and our Anti Bullying Charter.

Enjoy the weekend.

Mrs Pearce



School Calendar information can be found at the end of this eNews and please open the link for  "Dates to Remember" for 2019/20.

Dates to Remember 2019/20

Geography field trip - Mrs Daish

Last Friday our year 11 geographers visited the seaside town of Swanage Bay to investigate coastal management strategies. Students spent the morning completing a groyne drop - measuring the drop either side of the beach groynes in order to assess the effectiveness of the coastal defences at preventing longshore drift.  

After a fish and chip lunch students explored the town of Swanage investigating economic impacts of tourism by creating a land use map of the town and asking local people about their views of tourism.  All students collected the data necessary for their GCSE Geography course and we are very proud that students represented the Geography department and our school brilliantly.

Student Council - Mrs Gambrill

The Student Council met this week for their monthly meeting. Led very confidently by Chair Alfie C, the students discussed lots of issues.  We were joined by Mrs Carter to discuss the school's anti-bullying policy. The Student Council will be working with Mrs Carter to influence the school's policy.  

The students then discussed ideas for a fundraising event to raise money for The Basing Unit who are currently supporting a member of our school community through their cancer treatment. The students have come up with a great idea and more news will follow next week.

Libby H attended the SLT meeting this week and as a consequence had some questions for the students. These issues were discussed and Libby will feedback the information to Mrs Pearce.  Our  next meeting is on Wednesday 11th December.

Self Care Week - Mrs Clark, Student Services & first aid

Having triaged many students suffering colds and coughs this week, I thought it would be helpful to provide the following information, in view of the fact that this week is Self Care Week.


Self Care Week is an annual national awareness week that focuses on embedding support for self care across communities, families and generations.  ‘Think Self Care for Life’ is the strap line and organisations are encouraged to use Self Care Week as a hook to help people “think” self care for a healthier, happier life.

You may find the NHS app called NHS Child Health useful, and the following website provides some useful tips When will I feel better

Year Group News

Year 7 - Mr Morey

Following on from Mrs Carter’s assembly on Monday, Year 7 have been working in tutor times discussing the definition of bullying and creating a new Anti Bullying Charter for the school.

Congratulations to the Year 7 footballers who came runners up in an indoor football tournament on Monday hosted by The Vyne. This means that they qualify for the district indoor finals on Monday. Good luck team!

Finally, the trip to the Fujitsu innovation suite for the winners of the enterprise day has been confirmed for Monday 16th December. Letter to be sent out shortly.

Year 9 - Ms Cunio

Year 9 have been working hard this week and many more of them are on the achievement log than ever before!

There have been some good steps forward in students showing kindness and getting on with each other.

The anti bullying assembly has raised a lot of discussion among the students and we are looking forward to their contribution to the new anti bullying policy.

On Wednesday of next week (27th November) year 9 will be attending the careers sessions, in school, with Ambassadors from Winchester university.

Year 11

Mrs Gibson’s top tips for GCSE Success week 3


Perhaps the most important thing we can do to help our students stay motivated during the revision period, is to express an interest in what they are doing. Remind them of previous occasions where they have succeeded. Some students also respond well to incentives and rewards. Before embarking on this approach, consider if it will actually increase the effort the student puts in. Make sure it is a reward they want to work towards, mutually agreed by you both.

Remember to remind them normal life will resume after their GCSEs, it will be worth the hard work

Aiming Higher:

The aiming higher timetable can be found here on our website under the heading Letters to Parents. Please ensure your student attends if they have been requested for this week’s sessions, the list of who is required will be displayed in Mrs Gibson’s room each week, and students are being reminded each morning by their tutors. Please check your students reward card to see which sessions they are attending.

Important dates : Exams

Monday 25th November

English Mock

Wednesday 27th November

English Mock

Monday 2nd December

Science mock exam Biology paper 1

Wednesday 4th December

Science mock exam Chemistry Paper 1

Thursday 5th December

Science mock exam Physics Paper 1

GCSE Art and Design

Week beginning 25 November

Mock Exam starts in timetabled lessons

Week beginning 2 December

Mock Exam continues in timetabled lessons

Wednesday 11 Dec – 11B

final 5hrs of Mock Exam

Thursday 12 Dec – 11C

final 5hrs of Mock Exam

Friday 20 Dec – 11B / 11C

deadline for coursework review – ALL work completed in Years 10 and 11 should be submitted

Week beginning 6 Jan

Public Exam paper handed to students. Preparation period begins.

Week beginning 20 April – 11B / 11C

Public Exam begins in timetabled lessons

Week beginning 27 April – 11B / 11C

Public Exam continues in timetabled lessons

Wednesday 6 May – 11B

final 5hrs of Public Exam

Thursday 7 May – 11C

final 5hrs of Public Exam

School Calendar Information

Wednesday 27th November 2019

Yr 9 Unwin Aspire Day

Friday 6th December 2019 8:45 -9.45

Yr 11 Apprenticeship coffee morning