Friday 29th November 2019

Good Afternoon,

Another busy week in school with students learning about the slave trade in year 8, sewer systems in The Thames in year 10 and the unsuccesful uprisings in Germany between the wars in GCSE History. Year 11 have been revising in science ready for mock exams next week.

I have taken assembly this week where we have been considering the risks of Youth Generated Sexual Imagery. You can find further information and advice on this important topic on the support pages of our website or Think you know.

Road Safety - a polite request to please take care and note of your speed along Vyne Road and turning in and out of the school in a car. We have had a number of near misses with vehicles turning in and out of school at speed causing concern for local residents and for our students. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Progress Reports

Progress reports were issued to all students in years  8, 9 and 11 this week. Do not hesitate to contact your son or daughter’s subject teacher or tutor if you have any questions. At such a vital time we are here to support and provide advice and guidance where possible. 

Apprenticeship Awareness Networking Drop In Coffee Morning

Friday 6th December 9am -10am

Want to know more about Apprenticeships in general? Year 9, 10 and 11 parents are cordially invited to come to school between 9 and 10am, where ambassadors from Fujitsu will be available to talk you through apprenticeships. Just drop in!

E-Safety Presentation – Wednesday 11 December -  6-7pm

Technology is moving fast. It is so difficult to keep up with the updates and changes as parents.  Together with Hampshire County Council Advisory Service, we are pleased to offer parents and carers a presentation providing clear support and advice on how to approach technology around us. Advice will include understanding and managing social media, gaming and mobile phones. Invitations are going out, get replies in early as places are limited.

Enjoy the weekend.

Mrs Pearce


School Calendar information can be found at the end of this eNews and please open the link for  "Dates to Remember" for 2019/20.

Dates to Remember 2019/20

Year Group News

Year 7 - Mr Morey

In assembly this week, Mrs Pearce spoke to Year 7 about staying safe online and youth generated sexual imagery. This was also followed up with activities in tutor times to raise awareness.

It has been another busy week of sport for Year 7. The boys competed in the district finals of the indoor 5 a side football but came up against some very strong sides. The Year 7 girls also represented The Vyne in the equivalent girls tournament. I had the pleasure of refereeing the games and witnessed some very competitive football.

Finally, It has been great seeing the Year 7 boys developing their rugby knowledge in lessons. They have been very keen and are looking forward to their first match next week against Sherfield.

Year 8 - Mr Duffy

This week year 8 students had an assembly from the headteacher on staying safe online, the students responded well and were reminded that when they share anything electronically they are no longer in control of it, and this could be viewed by other people in the future.

It has been brilliant visiting year 8 lessons this week and seeing the great work being produced. It has been especially nice to have so many students keen to show me the work they have produced.

Friday competitions have continued this week, congratulations to SHD for their victory!

Year 9 - Ms Cunio

There were lots more students on the achievement log this week, which was very good to see, with James T getting the prize from the draw in assembly.

Also, Mrs Gambrill showed me some fantastic history homework, where the students had been asked to build a model trench from the first world war. They were really well made and detailed.

Mr Duffy is delighted with his year nine maths group who are working extremely hard.

Year 10 - Mrs Guzzi

Year 10 have been completing a survey on anti-bullying in our school. Their feedback will be crucial to helping the school tackle bullying.

The year groups have been working hard this week and I've had some really mature discussions with some students regarding work experience, their GCSEs and their future. They are all shaping up to be fantastic young adults.

Year 11 - Mr Peebles

College Applications

College applications for most providers will close by the Christmas break. Tutors are working with their tutees to make sure college applications are prepared and completed.

How do I apply?

Online – you do not need the school to do this for you. If you require any help then ask your son/ daughter to speak to your tutor.

I really need some advice – what do I do?

Email our Careers Advisor Christine Wood at the school. Christine works with us on Mondays and Tuesdays and is always happy to provide any guidance for students and families. Christine can be contacted on: 


Pre Public Examinations (Mock Exams)

We are currently putting together the 'Mock Exam' timetable for the new year. These will begin the 2nd week back after the Christmas break. Starting from Monday 13th January 2020, students in year 11 will be involved in mock exams in all subjects with most examinations completed by Friday 24th January 2020.  

Mrs Gibson’s top tips for GCSE Success Week 4


So what's the point? We are all guilty of telling students to 'revise' to succeed, but what is it? What should they be doing? How should they be doing this?

There are many styles of revision, and they don't all work for all students. The main points to remember are:

Recall- facts, equations, quotes and methods.

Practice- questions, answers,

Flashcards- should be a question on one side, answer or definition/ equation on the other.

Write- cover- write. this is about repetition and seeing what you have remembered.

These are just a few examples of 'how' revision can be successful. encourage them to mix it up, you can always help especially with flash cards, you can quiz them!

Good luck!

Aiming Higher:

The aiming higher timetable can be found here on our website under the heading Letters to Parents. Please ensure your student attends if they have been requested for this week’s sessions, the list of who is required will be displayed in Mrs Gibson’s room each week, and students are being reminded each morning by their tutors. Please check your students reward card to see which sessions they are attending.


If a student receives a detention for the same day they are required for aiming higher, they must attend the detention. The work from the aiming higher session will be provided for completion in the detention where possible.

Important dates : Exams

Monday 2nd December

Science mock exam Biology paper 1

Wednesday 4th December

Science mock exam Chemistry Paper 1

Thursday 5th December

Science mock exam Physics Paper 1

GCSE Art and Design

Week beginning 2 December

Mock Exam continues in timetabled lessons

Wednesday 11 Dec – 11B

final 5hrs of Mock Exam

Thursday 12 Dec – 11C

final 5hrs of Mock Exam

Friday 20 Dec – 11B / 11C

deadline for coursework review – ALL work completed in Years 10 and 11 should be submitted

Week beginning 6 Jan

Public Exam paper handed to students. Preparation period begins.

School Calendar Information

Friday 6th December 2019 8:45 -9.45

Yr 11 Apprenticeship coffee morning

Wednesday 11 December 2019  6-7pm

E Safety presentation

Friday 20th December 2019

Christmas Jumper Day

End of term - early closure 12:40