Friday 13th December 2019

Good Afternoon,

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

We have had a super busy week in school this week. We have held our own student election, the students vote was won by Labour so obviously not following the wider national outcome, I am sure this will lead to much debate over the coming months. This election was the culmination of several weeks work on democracy led by Mrs Rapson and our citizenship teaching team. Students were required to register as electors, and the turn-out was an impressive 64%, with Labour enjoying a clear win. Analysis of the detailed voting patterns for each year group clearly reflect the discussions held in citizenship lessons.

My thanks to the student cyber ambassadors, Mrs Rapson and Mrs Holmes for running a truly immersive event.

We have had our House Fifa20 competition and students have been on Health and Social care visits from Year 10 and 11 today too. We had a busy student council meeting and I have shared with students the idea of students being “Headteacher for the Day” in the New Year, I have already been approached by a number of prospective candidates which is exciting. 

Assemblies this week have updated students on the survey results from the anti bullying questionnaires which students, staff and parents have completed. The results give us a clear mandate for action in this area and students are already involved in positive steps to move this forward.

The highlight of the week was the Christmas Concert last night (pictures to follow next week). This event proved to be a showcase of the talent and dedication our students have for music. I always enjoy the range of performances from our students, the drum solo always makes me happy, I also really enjoyed the imaginative acapella piece from the Year 10 and 11 GCSE Group with creative soundtrack provided by a range of claps, slaps and clicks! Great! Thank you to Mrs Janaway and Mrs Ledwith and the students for a super evening of lovely music and companionship.

Reminder we finish on Friday 20th at 12.40pm - our Christmas Jumper day!

I am looking forward to next week as it will mark the end of my first year at The Vyne which I have enjoyed immensely.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Pearce


Christmas Jumper Day - 20th December

Just a reminder that any spare Christmas/sparkly clothing can be dropped off at reception or F12 ready for Christmas Jumper Day on 20th December. Staff and students are invited to wear Christmas jumpers, or cultural dress if they don't celebrate Christmas, in support of Save The Children (we ask for a £1 donation if you can spare it).

Food Collection Appeal for those in need - Student Council

Thank you for all your donations of food, decorations and toiletries.  The items were delivered to The Besom in Basingstoke Hamper Appeal and were added to Christmas hampers for local individuals and families in need.  

Health & Social Care - Miss Turnbull

The year 10 Health and Social Care group visited the Dementia Friends Club at the Viables Craft centre on Friday 6th and 13th. The group delivered Christmas activities which they had prepared themselves as part of their coursework requirement. All the groups did a fantastic job and thoroughly enjoyed it. They were a real credit to the school.

School Calendar information can be found at the end of this eNews and please open the link for  "Dates to Remember" for 2019/20.

Dates to Remember 2019/20

Year Group News

Year 7 - Mr Morey

Year 7 this week received feedback on their work on the anti bully policy. Mrs Carter shared the results from students and parents and discussed how we are moving forward.

It was great to see so many Year 7 students taking part in our Mock election on Thursday. Students had to register then vote at break time based on the research they had completed in citizenship lessons. From the 90 recorded votes, Year 7 and the school voted for Labour.

Well done to all of our performers in the Christmas Concert. They all played fantastically well with stand out performances from Aiden and Kyle.

Year 9 - Ms Cunio

I have been very proud of the way year nine have worked in assessment lessons and despite it being so close to the end of term, working hard and focusing well on the tasks in hand.

It would have been nice to see more year nine students taking part in the election we ran at school, however those who took part found it very interesting.  It was a very authentic election so thanks to Mrs Rapson and Mrs Holmes.

The Christmas Concert was excellent last night with some standout year nine performances from Maddison G and Kelsey P. Thanks to Mrs Janaway and Mrs Ledwith.

Well done all who took part.

Year 11 - Mr Peebles

E-Safety evening

On Wednesday evening parents were able to listen to a presentation on E-Safety by the Hampshire County Inspector and Advisor - Sue Savory. The presentation was aimed at providing parents with the knowledge and information on how to best manage supporting their children on the use of Social Media, Gaming and digital devices such as mobile phones. Hopefully we will be able to run a similar event next year.

Post 16 College Applications

College applications should now be completed. If your son/ daughter has not yet completed their application they need to be finished next week. If you need any help or support please contact Mrs Wood (careers advisor) or Mr Peebles.


We are now able to release arrangements for the PPE Mock Examinations for Option subjects, please see the table below.

Mrs Gibson’s top tips for GCSE Success: Week 6

Little and often

At this time of year students can feel like everyone is on their back. We at school talk to them about exams and preparation, then they come home and parents remind them to revise and again the mention of exams. Of course we are all doing this with the best of intentions, we all want the same outcome, students reaching their potential. It is important that we don’t overwhelm them, that we are applying support and not pressure in our efforts to motivate them. Take time to talk about things other than school, of course check on their day and make sure they are revising, but maybe also take them out for a drink and a chat. Let them know we are all in this together and they can ask for help when they need it.

Aiming Higher:

The aiming higher timetable can be found here on our website under the heading Letters to Parents. Please check your students reward card to see which sessions they are attending.

Please note sessions will run on Monday 16th, Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th December but there will be no Aiming Higher on Thursday or Friday.


If a student receives a detention for the same day they are required for aiming higher, they must attend the detention. The work from the aiming higher session will be provided for completion in the detention where possible.

Important dates : Exams  GCSE Art and Design

Friday 20 Dec – 11B / 11C

deadline for coursework review – ALL work completed in Years 10 and 11 should be submitted

Week beginning 6 January

Public Exam paper handed to students. Preparation period begins.

PPE Mock Examinations for option subjects

Week 2

Wed 15th January

Option B Period 5&6

Food Tech

1hr 45 min


paper 1

2 hrs

Computer Science paper 1

1hr 30 min

Thurs 16th January

Option C Period 1&2

Food Tech

1hr 45min

Geography paper 1

1hr 30min

French (R&W)

1 hr

Fri 17th January

Option A Period 3&4

French (R&W)

1 hr

Geography paper 1

1hr 30min

History paper 1

2 hrs

Computer Science

Paper 1

1hr30 min

Week 3

Wed 22nd January

Option B Period 5&6

History Paper 2

2 hrs

Computer Science paper 2

1hr 30 min

Thurs 23rd January

Option C Period 1&2

Geography paper 2

1hr 15 mins

Friday 24th January

Option A Period 3&4

Geography paper 2

1hr 15 mins

History paper 2

2 hrs

Computer Science

Paper 2

1hr30 min

School Calendar Information

Friday 20th December 2019

End of term - early closure 12:40

Please note there is no early bus - students will need to walk to the station

Christmas Jumper Day -  £1 donation to Save the Children

Monday 6th January 2020

First day of term

Thursday 9th January 2020

Year 9 Parents Evening 4pm - 7pm