Friday 14th February 2020

Good Afternoon,

This has been such a busy and rewarding term, which has been full right to the very end!

Year 11 Core Mock Exam Timetable released (see below)

Safer Internet Day 2020 Tuesday 11th February

This week has seen Cyber Ambassadors leading assemblies on Safer Internet Day (some year groups will be covered after half term). There is rarely a news programme which does not carry a story involving the issue of online safety at the moment. It is crucial that we are aware that the internet is society’s echo chamber and as such we all need to know how to stay safe online.

Excellent resource for parents are the following -

Digital Parenting (Vodafone)

Digital Parenting Magazine

Headteachers Rewards

One of my favourite parts of the term is during the final week when we hold “Headteachers Rewards”. Heads of Year nominate two students from their year group who have had a particularly successful term. It is also an opportunity to recognise those students who consistently get it right. This term was lovely, I had Adam, Nihinsa and Sam all members of the school council who had helped organise the student verses staff charity football invited. Marnie (Year 7), Lily and Josie (Year 8) and Emma (Year 9) were nominated  for “getting it right everyday”. Other students recognised for their efforts and improvements were Faith (Year 11) and Mackenzie (Year 9). Hannah in Year 11 was simply nominated for “Always giving her best” - Hannah I can ask no more of you than that. Congratulations to these students and also thank you to Sam who taught me a new way to eat a cupcake - much to the amusement of the others!

Congratulations to Harrison H, Summer D and Bryony S from Year 8, all of whom have had their sagas on the theme of 'Hunted' selected for publication by Young Writers. These students have spent their free time challenging themselves by entering writing competitions so we are very proud to see their efforts rewarded.

I wish you all a wonderful half term!

Mrs Pearce


Cyber ambassador visit to Kings School Winchester for Safer Internet day - Mrs Rapson

Six students went to Winchester where they met various Police representatives, including the Police and Crime Commissioner, the Chief Constable and representatives from the Force Cyber Crime Unit.  

Updates were given by all the schools at the meeting, which included overviews of their work to date.  Much was made about the number of secondary schools who have Cyber teams, the number is very low compared to Primary. We are very proud to be a lead school for this initiative.  

Our students were involved in workshops around topics such as being Cyber inclusive, your cyber footprint and reputation on-line.

Important information was shared about the work the police do in their Cyber Crime units.  They also shared the opportunities available to young people who want to follow a career in this field.  There is currently a shortage of professionals in this field.  They emphasised that the skills required are not all technical, in fact they are very keen to recruit people with good ‘soft skills’, such as communication, empathy, respect.

The students came away from the workshop with many new ideas for events we can organise in school to keep our school community Cyber Safe.

Trampolining Competition - Miss Turnbull

We had a very successful day at the district trampolining competition. With Team wins for yrs 7,8,9 girls. A special mention goes to Mairead who won the yr7 girl’s individual competition out of 23 competitors. Josie C came 2nd individually in the yr8 girls with only 0.5 marks away from the win. Ellese T was 2nd individually and Megan L was 3rd individually in the yr9 girls. All pupils were impeccably behaved and are a credit to the school.

School Calendar information can be found at the end of this eNews and please open the link for  "Dates to Remember" for 2019/20.

Dates to Remember 2019/20

Local half term events

Thursday 13th - Saturday 22nd February.  Tickets are available from the Anvil Box office  For further information visit

Aged between 13 and 16 with an interest in drama, design and art? Basingstoke Festival needs your ideas and creative input this half term to create characters for the Basingstoke Festival.

Creative sessions take place Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th February, 5pm - 7pm in the Event Box, at the Top of the Town in market Square.

Places are limited so don't delay! Email or call 01256 845455 for more information.

Year Group News

Year 11 - Mr Peebles

Yr 11 Core Subject Mock Exam timetable is detailed below.  Exams commence week beginning 9th March.

GCSE Exam timetable

The formal exam timetable will be released towards the end of the next half term to all students and parents.

Year 11 Parents Evening

Just a reminder for your diary that Year 11 parents evening is coming up shortly. It is on Thursday 27th February from 4.00 – 7.00pm

Appointment bookings are now open.  Please contact the school if you experience any problems.

Mrs Gibson’s top tips for GCSE Success: Tip 13

Screen Time:

Battles over screen time and devices have become a depressing part of family life. Recent research has revealed that it’s not so much the length, but the nature of the screen time that matters. What is important is that whatever young people are watching, playing and reading is high-quality, age appropriate and safe.


The British Psychological Society recommends that parents and carers use technology alongside children and engage them in discussions about media use. Help your child get into a screen-free bedtime routine. Screen time in the evening is especially bad for sleep patterns. Set limits like no screens during meal times or no screens after a certain time. Suggest having one day a week with no screen time like Screen-Free Sundays. If they have a smartphone, encourage them to turn off as many notifications as possible and to turn on flight mode when they’re with friends and family. Encourage your child to do new physical activities instead of screen-based inactivity. This could be new hobbies, going for a walk, playing sport, being creative or joining a youth group. Role model good behaviour by being mindful of your own screen time.  

There are many useful revision Apps that students can access which can be a huge aid for some students, but like all things, moderation and balance is key.

Have a wonderful, safe, revision filled half term.

Post 16 Information

Imminent local events will be highlighted but if there are no upcoming  events further information can be found here

Important dates : Core Subject Mock Exams  Wk 1

Monday 9th March

P1 & P2 Science paper 1 -   1hr 15mins

Tuesday 10th March

P1 & P2 English Lit paper 1    - 2hrs

Wednesday 11th March

P1 & P2 English Lit paper 2   - 2hrs 30 min

Thursday 12th March

P3 & P4  Maths paper 1   -  1hr 30 mins

Friday 13th March

P1 & P2 English Lang 1   - 1hr 45 mins

Important dates : Core Subject Mock Exams Wk 2

Monday 16th March

P1 & P2 Maths paper 2  -   1hr 30mins

Tuesday 17th March

P1 & P2 Science paper 2    - 1hr 15 mins

Wednesday 18th March

P1 & P2 English Lang paper 2   - 2hrs

Thursday 19th March

P3 & P4  Maths paper 3   -  1hr 30 mins

Friday 20th March

P1 & P2 Science paper 3   - 1hr 15 mins

School Calendar & Forthcoming Events

Thursday 27th February 2020

Year 11 Parents Evening 16:00 - 19:00

Friday 28th February 2020

BikeAbility Level 3 training 09:00 - 12:00

Monday 2nd March - Friday 6th March

National Careers Week

Subject Guest speakers

Wednesday 4th March 2020

Year 10 Mock Interviews

Thursday 5th March 2020

Year 9 Choices Evening 18:00 - 20:00

Wednesday 11th March 2020

House of Parliament Trip

Monday 16th March 2020

Year 9 Options interviews

Thursday 26th March 2020

GCSE Geography Revision day