Friday 27th March 2020

Good Afternoon,

This has definitely been a week to test us all, but I am proud to be part of a community which pulls together so fantastically in difficult times.

We are working on a number of areas in response to feedback from parents and students and I will outline those below -

Year 11 

The message is clear, they have not left us yet, we remain alongside them until they are settled in their Year 12 provision.

When we know more about how exam grades will be awarded I will update you. Please see my letter earlier this week to Year 11 on the website if you have not already read it.

I know that students want their mock grades but I have asked staff not to distribute these as they are not a reflection of the entire course and will only form a part of predictions and grade allocation.

Students should continue to study for subjects that they intend to pursue at college, this will help to ensure that they are as well prepared as possible for further study. English and maths will be required as knowledge and skills for whatever students go on to do.

I will update you when we know more, Ofqual are due to set out their thinking next week.

Year 9

Mr Eddie has started the options process remotely and we will be emailing all parents a link to a Google Form where you and your child will be able to

submit their choices electronically. This will be sent to you in the week commencing 30th March and I would ask for this to be completed by Friday 3rd April. Mr Eddie will contact individuals by phone if there are any issues and will look to confirm option choices with students in early June.


We are adding detail to the curriculum outlines on the website under the Curriculum tab to support parents to have information about what students are learning about. Also on the “Work@Home” area of the school website under the Curriculum tab we will put a document for parents with suggestions on learning at home. “The Day” folder in each year group gives you access to an excellent resource of a student newspaper with suggested questions and activities.

I know that feedback from parents is varied. Some parents are in the swing of things and are working their way through the work set, others are feeling overwhelmed with the quantity and are unsure how to support their child.You are attempting to achieve at home what it takes a whole team to do together at school, it is challenging, but I am sure you are doing a really good job!

What are we doing to improve “Work@Home”?

We are pleased to announce that next week, in preparation for the Summer Term we will be launching Google Classroom for all Vyne School students. Google Classroom is a web based eLearning platform that will support your child working at home in these difficult circumstances.

What does Google Classroom do?

It is a fantastic online tool which allows students a one stop location for school work. It puts all assignments and work in one safe place.Teachers are able to create, assign, support, collect, grade and return work to students quickly.

Students will be issued with Vyne School Google Account. Accessing this account will allow them to sign into google classroom.

Details will be released to parents next week in time for the start of the Summer term.We are rapidly working to set up this online structured platform to deliver class work for the day students would have had that lesson.

This will take a couple more weeks to be fully up and running. You will receive detailed instructions from Mr Peebles who is leading on this work. Please be patient as this takes time to set up, train staff and write the lessons and resources for.

What can you do in the meantime?

Please remember you are supporting your child to study at home, this is not a choice to homeschool you have made, and it will be challenging at times. The teachers are setting work from home independently at the moment but a more coordinated approach will develop. It is possible that there is more work than students can do at the moment, so use common sense, and select work your child wants to engage in.

Fewer tasks done well is better than many things done briefly or nothing done at all.

If you can try to spend between 2 and 3 hours a day doing some learning that is great. Reading is always a real benefit, and for all students reading out loud to you helps with spelling, as the connection between oracy and spelling is very close.

Please do look in the enrichment folders for ideas too.

If you are having a problem with EPraise or DrFrost please email marking for the attention of Zoe Light. If you are having problems with Seneca please email the class teacher ( a staff list is on the website).

Key Workers and Vulnerable Student Provision

We have enjoyed working with the students who have been in school this week. I must admit that the Joe Wicks workout in the morning is something I am really getting into! This provision will continue throughout term time and during what would have been the Easter Break (though priority will be given to key workers children). We will continue to ask families each Thursday what their provision needs are for the following week to assist with planning.

Free School Meals

We will continue to provide Free School Meals as we have this week. I am also exploring the Government Voucher Scheme and will give you further details as I get them.

To all of our families if you find yourselves in changing circumstances and need to access the key workers provision or free school meals please email with details of the support you would like to access.

Maureen Bowles has shared this excellent well being resource for anyone that might just need a bit of support at the moment - including staff, students and their parents. It is a free resource When the Tension Goes 

Please share widely and with anyone who you think would benefit.

Finally, we have worked this week in extraordinary circumstances to try to keep you informed of the situation and the impact for you and your families. We will continue to communicate any changes or updates, so please do check the website regularly. The school enquiries email will be monitored throughout this closure and we will do our best to address any concerns that might arise. I appreciate that this is an exceptionally difficult time and would like to thank you for your patience and understanding. I look forward to the time when we reopen our doors to our students and staff again.

With best wishes

Mrs N Pearce


Spotlight have teamed up with Covid 19 Basingstoke which is run by members of Hampshire Council.  They will be providing food parcels for vulnerable adults and families in need and members of the Covid 19 will be coordinating volunteers to be able to distribute the parcels to homes across the area.

Any families or vulnerable adults in need of support can email food requests to or call 07804 880072.

They will be open 10-4pm Monday to Saturday running from Hart House, Priestley Road RG24 9UP.  

If you wish to donate to the foodbank please email