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OFSTED May 2016

Work Experience

Tuesday 6th to Friday 9th July 2021

Please submit Work Experience Forms by:  4pm on Monday 28th June 2021

At the Vyne School we are passionate about giving our students a broad and balanced experience of careers
through our careers guidance programme. In the rapidly changing education landscape, with changes to
qualifications and progression routes it is so important that students and parents are well informed in order to
be able to prepare for their future.

We are now pleased to be able to offer Year 10 Work Experience as an opportunity for students to participate
in this term.

When will it run?
We are offering the following dates: Tuesday 6th July, Wednesday 7th July, Thursday 8th July and Friday
9th July 2021. 

Obtaining a placement may not be possible so we are also looking to set aside some time in the Autumn Term
for students, when hopefully placements should be easier to come by.

Who arranges the placement?
We are asking families to find their own placements for this July. In the Autumn term we intend to offer

If I cannot find a placement what happens?
Students will attend school as normal as we do not expect significant numbers at this moment in

If I find a placement what do I do?
Complete and return to School Reception an "Own Placement Form". One is attached for you to
print it off (double sided) or one can be collected from School Reception.

What is on the Own Placement Form?

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

Page 4

What is on the page?

Letter of Understanding between EBP South and employers about work Experience
What is on the page?

Child Protection Guidance for Placement Providers
What are on these pages?

Work Experience Own Placement Form
What to do with it?
Where does it go?

Parents complete this and hand to employer
What to do with it?
Where does it go?

Parents hand to employer
What to do with it?
Where does it go?
What to do with it?
Where does it go?

Student Details & Employer Section
Complete and signed:
Employer Confirmation & Agreement
Student Agreement
Parent/ Carer Agreement

LINK: Own Placement Form


Video Guidance