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Online Learning @ The Vyne

Does your son or daughter have a Covid 19 related absence?  

If you have contacted the school to confirm that your son or daughter has had to quarantine we will make sure that work is set and feedback provided online using our Google Classroom platform.

Follow these steps

1. Contact school to confirm absence and quarantine.
2. Log into Google Classroom at home.
3. Accept invitations to join each class where the work will be set daily.

If your son or daughter is unable to access online learning please submit this form.

If you have any problems with Google Classroom please email

Staying Safe Online

As we move into the new acedemic term, students are now signing up to their subjects in Google Classroom. Staying safe online is our main priority as students work in school and remotely at home. During this half term students will be guided again into safe practice with online learning. To support you at home please take the time to look at some of these vital strategies below.

1. Learn your way around

  • Most devices have controls to monitor and limit student access.
  • Make sure your “in-app” purchases are disabled to avoid nasty surprises. 

2. Online safety in lockdown

  • Being online is an amazing way to, create, learn and connect, online.
  • It is vital to know how to help keep your son or daughter safe.
  • Click the link for advice to help you during remote learning at the Vyne.

3. Online Safety on Mobile Phones

Online Safety at The Vyne    
With the increased use of online learning we are now delivering key messages about online safety across all year groups during tutor time. These key sessions will cover:

Online Dangers and Risks | Safe Social Media | Online Behaviour | Your Digital Footprint | Cyber-bullying
Sexting | Online Chatting | Staying Safe Online